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The Hot Shivers skating team, which belongs to the club Precision Skating Milano, represents the first formation established in Italy for synchronized skating on ice, in 1989. Since then Hot Shivers obtained prestigious results both in Italy and in international competitions and also this year they won the title of Italian champions of the discipline in the novice, junior, senior categories. So they represents our country at the World Challenge Cup for Juniors and at the World Synchronized Skating Championships for Seniors, the most important competitions of the discipline.


Synchronized Skating : the beginning, the history.

The Oxford Skating Society in England practiced "combined figure skating" in groups of up to twelve skaters as early as 1838. It was associated with pairs skating together but as couples.

The sport, as we know it today, began in 1954 with the formation of the first true "precision skating team" in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when Dr. Porter created a group of skaters that had to exhibit  during a hockey game. The team was named “Hockettes” and they became the very first Synchronized skating team of the discipline called “precision skating” which rapidly spread in the USA and Canada.

The first competition was held twenty years later in  Ann Arbor, in which American and Canadian teams took part in order to win the famous crystal cup donated by Dr. Porter himself. In 1983, Canada held its first sanctioned national precision skating championships, followed by the USA championships the year after. The sport grew wildly and soon spread overseas as Japan and Australia participated in an international precision skating competitions. Precision team skating received the ISU's official recognition as a discipline of figure skating in 1994. In 1996 the first ISU World Precision Challenge Cup was held in Boston, Massachusetts. ISU then change the name of the discipline to "synchronized skating," as the official name of the sport. The very first World Synchronized Skating Championships were held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2000, with twenty-one teams from seventeen countries competing (included team Hot Shivers rapresenting Italy). Team Surprise, rapresenting Sweden, was the first to gain the "world" gold medal.